Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a dynamic experience for our clients where we focus on their vision, values, and goals then execute on a well thought out plan to make those dreams come true.      



Planning for Financial Security with Northwestern Mutual

Watch this short video to learn how Northwestern Mutual's comprehensive approach to personalized financial planning can help you achieve the future you envision. 

Planning for Dentists and Physicians

Here are questions we strive to answer:

You are through school or residency - now what?

What is the best income protection plan for me?

How are you balancing student loan payments vs saving for future?

I'm maxing out my current retirement plan, where else can I save in a tax advantaged way?

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Planning for Business Owners

Here are questions we strive to answer:

What additional incentives can I put in place to attract and retain key talent in this competitive marketplace?

My benefits have been in place for awhile - is it time to get a second opinion?

How am I setting myself up for success to transition/sell my business in the future?

So much of my time is devoted to my business, are there any blind spots in my personal financial plan I should be thinking about?

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If you have Stock Options...

Here are the questions we strive to answer:

How can I use these options as part of my personal financial plan?

My company stock has been doing well - how do I know when to sell?

What is the best way to transition out of my company stock over time?

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The Northwestern Mutual Difference

Backed by the strength of Northwestern Mutual, my team and I provide you with a balanced approach to achieving your goal of financial security, assuring that your intentions have been understood and your needs are being addressed. And when it comes to implementing solutions, the full capabilities of Northwestern Mutual are leveraged to provide you with exclusive access to a comprehensive variety of products and services.

Alex Thomas Fitch

Financial Representative

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