Alex Thomas Fitch

Financial Representative

Network of Specialists

Through Northwestern Mutual, I have access to a Network of Specialists. We help each other, share ideas and common values, and leverage each other's talents to help you achieve your personal dream of financial security.
Seth Stephen Weinstein

Seth Stephen Weinstein

Life Insurance Specialist
Our Life Insurance Specialist guides individuals and businesses in the effective uses of life insurance to help manage risk and achieve a variety of financial security objectives.

Seth Weinstein has a sincere passion for learning each of his client's values and goals. He is dedicated to providing strategic solutions designed to afford each client a financial foundation to leave a legacy and carry them through their lifetime. Seth Weinstein works with successful companies and individuals. His greatest value is his ability to empathize and connect with every personality and all walks of life.

Thomas Jensen, MSc, CFP<sup>®</sup>

Thomas Jensen, MSc, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

Thomas holds a Masters of Science degree in Economic Development and Anthropology from University of London. He is also a graduate of the Certified Financial Planner Training program at the University of Portland. He has a curious obsession with numbers and finance and believes everyone benefits from financial planning. He also believes that too many people are taken advantage of by self-serving sales people who call themselves financial advisors.

Charlene Marie Quaresma

Charlene Marie Quaresma

Financial Advisor

My mission as a Financial Advisor is to inspire my clients to dream courageously and live with purpose.  I do this by helping them align their values with their actions by creating a safe, fun atmosphere where my clients can open up and talk about what matters most. 

I value and appreciate the trust and openness required to create a viable plan that makes deep-seeded personal dreams come true. I am a partner in their progress. In fact, mine is a marriage with my clients; not a one-night stand.



Steve Morris

Financial Advisor

The scope of my practice is broad, and I am fortunate enough to work with a team full of specialists for helping clients who have unique needs. We help everyone from millennials who are new to planning, to young families who want to make sure they are on the right track, to people entering their retirement years.

Andrew Thomas Usher

Andrew Thomas Usher

Financial Advisor

Andrew’s focus is to “Connect and Lift” within the community.  In addition to lifting clients through education and planning for their financial security, Andrew helps client move forward in other areas of life by sharing his vast professional network as a way to connect his clients with other members of the community.   

B Wade Garber, CFP<sup>®</sup>, AEP<sup>®</sup>, CLU<sup>®</sup>, REBC<sup>®</sup>, RHU<sup>®</sup>

B Wade Garber, CFP®, AEP®, CLU®, REBC®, RHU®

Estate & Business Planning Specialist
Our Estate & Business Planning Specialist assists clients with estate, business and executive benefit needs.
Gregg Gerald Goulet, CFP<sup>®</sup>

Gregg Gerald Goulet, CFP®

Annuity Specialist
Our Annuity Specialist provides expertise in helping clients create an approach for financial security in retirement utilizing both wealth accumulation and retirement income strategies.

Whether planning for retirement or your children’s education, Gregg Goulet’s goal is to walk you through the entire planning process on a macro level, while allowing you to take action. Gregg specializes in facilitating and guiding those who desire help with their financial affairs and aspirations. Gregg’s greatest value is his ability to take time and listen to his clients’ true needs, which he uses as the core foundation to design personalized financial strategies.

Michael R Willig, CLU<sup>®</sup>

Michael R Willig, CLU®

Disability Income Specialist
Our Disability Income Specialist assists individuals and businesses design a disability income insurance program for both individual and group needs.

Mike Willig is dedicated to serving his clients and their loved ones by providing the best life and disability solutions to meet their needs. Mike works extensively with physicians and dentists on their financial wellness and strategies to provide for unforeseeable events. Mike’s greatest value is his ability to adapt to his client’s individual needs and share his extensive knowledge on a comprehensible level.

Jordan Paul Fenchel

Jordan Paul Fenchel

Financial Advisor

The process of achieving financial security – the confidence that comes from taking action today to provide for tomorrow – is different for each of us. Often, the first step is to establish a relationship with someone who takes the time to learn about your values, understand your dreams and help you create a personal financial plan that will evolve with you over time.  

I work with my clients to ensure they have well thought out objectives, clear action steps, and a realistic timetable to achieve their financial goals and protect the people and things they care about most.

Mark C Meek, MBA

Mark C Meek, MBA

Financial Advisor

What is your greatest dream in life? Whatever your answer was I bet it didn't start with "get a financial planner". We don't usually think about financial security in dream sequences, but the truth is the first step in obtaining your goals is - plan ahead. 

I became a Financial Advisor because I believe that no one should be in the dark when it comes to financial responsibility. With so much information out there about insurance and investments I am here to help you navigate to the best plan for you, your family and your business. Together we can start making your dreams a reality


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